martes, 21 de enero de 2014


This post is exclusively written to describe B767 FSIM APP. For many reasons, neither of the pilots can say that going to a flight simulator is a pleasure ride. In most of the cases our job is at a stake. We pilots know how much stress we have to deal with. A flight simulator session is like a theatre play. Two performers who have to know their lines in advance before the play. The success of a simulator is how good they perform in front of a very though and demmanding audience: an instructor and official inspector. B767 FSIM is an app made for airline pilots who fly B767 and know that it is not only good to know the procedures in advance but most important is the secuence of steps in applying them. Most of airline pilots know that order is very important in the cockpit. Everyday doing the same things in a proper way is good and safe. This App looks for this. Although the procedures for an engine failure, by example, are written in a checklist, the secuence are not. So this app, tries to give us a logical secuence of steps suggested in most of the cases by experienced instructors in many sessions. You can take this steps like a logical secuence of steps. Read them and make them part of your preparation for your sim sessions. I use them because that is what flight instructors want. Good luck friend!

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